Teamwork: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts 
Do more and do it better and faster with the same number of staff. Set up a system for more effective workflow with the help of technology, and your department's performance will increase several times over. 
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Task-based workflow

Every legal workflow is a set of sequential tasks. Distribute them among lawyers based on their workloads. Assign managers manually or automatically by customizing the settings.

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Delegate judiciously
Assign complex tasks to experts and simpler tasks to junior lawyers
Automate tasks
Automatically set up tasks for specific events
Balance workloads
Break a large task into several subtasks and assign them to different employees
live FEED

Personalize your feed

Stay in the loop! View events for all cases and projects in a single feed that you can customize with flexible filters. See what each employee is doing now and which tasks they have coming up.

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Make every minute count

Log time and increase lawyers' efficiency.
Better time management = more invoices = more payments.

Track time with AI

Thanks to artificial intelligence, our system analyzes your habits and makes suggestions for logging hours. The time recorded is added to invoices automatically.


Log work hours accurately

You have the option to manually record the time spent on each task. Easily track hours worked on multiple cases. Log time with one touch.

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Hold time in the palm of your hand

There’s no need to have a laptop nearby or confine yourself to your workplace. Our convenient mobile app will help you log your time and let you leave notes and comments on events and tasks from wherever you are.

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Facilitate teamwork with our video call system

Meet online with your team in just a couple of clicks using our built-in video call system. Talk face-to-face with other departments and your virtual team, no matter how far apart you are. We have the tools you need to work together, including screen-sharing, recording, and a chat box.

Data protection
ensures confidentiality
Permanent links
for regular calls and meetings
for planning online events

Keep your information safe

All your documents, contacts, phone calls, and messages are stored in a single secure database. Data is protected by encryption against leaks and unauthorized third-party access.

History log

Make processes transparent. A case's entire history is stored in one card that is available any time.

Role-based model

A flexible model for grouping access rights makes it easy to control how much access each user has to documents and cases.

2FA and IP Access

Thanks to two-factor authentication and IP restrictions, your account is securely protected from hacking.

VoIP and email

Communicate with customers and employees and maintain correspondence directly through our system using IP telephony and email.


Automate your work today

Your comprehensive solution for legal team management.