From initial stages of litigation & coordinating plans to measuring results, it’s all in one
In today’s world where online courts are a thing, remote work and case management are no longer enough. Lawyers have to use robots to stay ahead of the game. Online courts = Online everything. Learn how litigation teams use
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AI powered Litigation

Focus on kicking a** in court

We will keep your matters organized and your team accessible, accountable, and within budget.

Find anything

Don’t waste time looking for data. We can search, organize, and index all your evidence automatically.

Never miss a deadline

Stay on top of deadlines, case changes, events, participants and meetings. We track and calculate all deadlines and adjust when necessary with custom formulas and workflows.


We will auto-populate your forms, prepare the captions and draft motions and resolutions from your very own library of expertly drafted clause-library.

Lean, mean and thrifty machine

Real-time actionable data for speedy & informed decision making. We will create you custom dashboards to easily track key performance metrics.

Robot assistants for every team-member

Use robots for routine processes such as document preparation, task assignment and tracking, searching, scheduling, and reports.

Agile Case Management

Open and assign a case with one click! View-at-a-glance all important case information. Organize and group cases by the areas of law, create custom stages, and attach an automated workflow for each legal process.


82% prediction accuracy

The artificial intelligence algorithm calculates the mathematical probability of the case outcome. You can supplement our calculation with your assessment and correctly distribute cases between lawyers depending on complexity and prospects.

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Hold your meetings with our video call system

Organize a meeting with a client or with your team online thanks to our built-in video call system. Use screen-sharing, record calls and make comments on your colleagues' presentations using the chat box.

Data protection
ensures confidentiality
Permanent links
for regular calls and meetings
for planning online events

Increase productivity by 80%

Lawyers who automate their workflows complete standard processes such as preparing lawsuits, searching for procedural documents, and generating reports 12x faster than average.

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Data Adventure park

Reports of all shapes and sizes

Drag and drop column names and refresh to get the latest data filled in your report in seconds. Then download or create a custom-schedule to have your report emailed to you in Excel or CSV format.

Measure employee profitability

This will help you to optimally allocate resources and work on employee efficiency. Optimize outside counsel selection using data-driven insights to pick the right resource, drive negotiations, and reduce costs.

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Lawyers and practice reports

Analyze your team’s load. Assess in which area of law your team achieves the best results and in which additional expertise is needed.

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Real-time legal-spend monitoring

Monitor your legal spend in real-time. Take complete control over spend, measure your teams KPIs, track outside counsel performance and analyze trends for better decision making all with .one’s built in reporting and analytics tools. Need more power? Connect with PowerBI to create your own indepth reports and dashboard.

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Build your own legal application

Work smarter, not harder.
Forget offices and ugly softwares. Make an app; a pocket-lawyer for your entire company.

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Automate routine processes

Build a system to automatically track procedural deadlines, legal tasks, and optimize the distribution of cases between lawyers.

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3,000+ loyal customers
around the globe

Our smart system allows you to easily monitor and evaluate your firm's efficiency, caseload and litigation. It is important for top managers and owners to get a picture of what is happening.
Alexander Krasnov
Miratorg, HEAD OF LEGAL DEPARTMENT allows you to quickly and conveniently set up case cards, document templates and reports to meet the needs of your company and legal department. The available range of options for customization and automation is impressive and can greatly improve your firm's efficiency.
Yuri Donnikov
We use services to analyze case law and prepare procedural appeals. The system tools help us quickly find the necessary information as well as to keep abreast of the latest court decisions.
Magomed Gazdiev
PARTNER of Olevinskij, Buyukyan & partnery

Automate your case flow today

Work smarter, not harder.
Give yourself a comprehensive system for managing legal tasks.

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