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We have been changing lawyers processes
worldwide since 2008
Have you ever thought about…
Are Lawyers Overpaid?
McKinsey estimates that 22% of a lawyer’s job and 35% of a law
clerk’s job can be automated. Thats a large portion of the work
automated, but a human will not be completely replaced.
Tasks can be automated
2.3 hrs
Billable hours
per day
Annual Salary
Legal Industry Average
Personal Injury Practice Area
Immigration Practice Area
Fire Lawyers, Hire Robots
Significant savings. Replacing Legal Staff

Official statistics show that 35% of all legal work can be automated. But, based on our existing client success stories, certain practice areas can be almost FULLY automated.

Lawyers can literally replace their Legal staff with our Robots significantly reducing their expenses.

A Powerful Solution Covers all Legal Needs
Case & Legal Project
Management System
Knowledge Management
& eDiscovery
Robotic Process Automation
Document Management
& Assembling Tool
With brilliant UX, we decrease
on-boarding time, learning curve
and increase NPS
Annual Churn Rate
1 week
On-boarding & Training
Clients are demanding lawyers to deliver more services
for less money
Four primary drivers for these changes.
More for less
Companies cut their expenses for legal departments by 30 to 50%.
So, they expect to get the same result but with the less resource spending.
Today non-lawyers are doing work formerly done exclusively
by lawyers.
New lawyer
The younger generation already
has less of a learning curve when
it comes to technology.
Client expectations
They expect their attorneys will be proactive and finding ways
to be efficient and offering options and solutions regarding results.
Disruptive and fair pricing model
with unlimited users
In 2017, we were awarded Top 10 Legal Tech Solutions
by Techno Lawyer, voted by 11,000+ lawyers
Legal departments and law firms in 16 countries
are using our products.
20 firms
AM Law 200
Active clients
Top 50
Banks in Eastern Europe
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