Midsize and Large Law Firms
Transform your law firm is the most comprehensive, all-in-one second generation legal practice management software. With, you can instantly streamline and automate your workflow, distribute workload, boost productivity and improve efficiency across the whole firm. Our reporting and analytics features provide you with insight and accountability on all internal processes and matters, offering valuable expertise for future business decisions.

Secure and future thinking’s global search and custom filtering capabilities empower you to find relevant information, data and activities instantly without shifting your focus from the practice of law. All case summaries, workflows, templates, roles, and reports in can be customized offering you a truly unique solution with capabilities to transform any law firm. To provide you with the highest level of security and protection of your data, we paired military grade 256-bit encryption and firewall protection with built-in two-factor authentication, IP address restriction, and granular access level permissions. is the most innovative and forward-thinking solution for a modern law firm.

2nd Generation Web-Based Legal Practice Management Software
Communicate securely
Secure collaboration and communication from anywhere, anytime.
Stay in touch with your clients
Communicate with your clients easily with’s
Client Portal.
Automate workflows and processes
Use scenarios and rules that vary by practice area, or user activity to create repetitive events and assigns tasks automatically.
Time entry and billing
Create professional invoices and get paid faster. Use QuickBooks and LawPay integration.
Document Automation
Manage document assembly with sophisticated yet easy-to-use templates.
Management-level reporting
Create easy-to-understand reports for firm management, your staff and your clients.
Templates for any Practice Area
Create a case template, for any Practice Area and work with data fields related to that area of law.
Stay up to date with your cases
Keep track of all important events, tasks and any changes made to matters in a single online feed.
We care about the security of your data
1 is designed to offer your data military grade security. We use AES-256 bit encryption and Firewall to make sure that you are HIPAA compliant. All files uploaded or downloaded are safeguarded from any attacks.
At, it is our responsibility to keep your data safe and secure. Limit access to your account from any third parties by enabling two-factor authentication, restricting IP addresses and using Microsoft Azure servers.
3 integrates with secure cloud storage solutions and allows you to adjust system roles and settings to make sure that your data is only accessed by users that it is meant for.