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Does 60% of your work day consist of routine tasks? We believe that every lawyer should act as a lawyer — that is why we created a unique platform that automates boring tasks and opens new opportunities up to you. You no longer need to switch between different solutions.
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More than 3,000 companies trust us with the automation of their legal workflow

Automation saves time, allows us to store cumulative knowledge in a single system and dynamically integrate it into our workflow. So now we can maintain peak decision-making speed.
Dmitry Zabuga
We use as a part of our large automation process in our holding company. The system focuses on the indicators that help to assess and monitor the state of litigation in the company. This is important for the top managers and shareholders when getting a clear picture of what is happening in a highly specialized area.
Alexander Krasnov
Head of the Legal Department is a convenient solution for management not only in the legal sphere, but also in basic workflow. The program’s features and its unique designer kit in particular allowed us to roll out the system in a very short timeframe.
Konstantin Yeltsov
FINANCIAL DIRECTOR puts thought into the key components that you need to adapt to a system and work with it effectively: entering case information in the required format, presenting this data in reports, and cutting down on routine tasks when recording and analyzing court cases and administrative matters.
Olga Pivikova
In the first week working in, we realized how extensively this system can be used in our Legal Department’s work. We transferred trademark registration and other intellectual property to
Yuri Donnikov
Head of the Legal Department and Compliance
Before we started using, we’d have to change, delineate, and combine all internal workflows in all the companies of our group. That would allow us to see a project through in a fairly short time: it took only 3 months. But now, our employees are free from routine tasks and focus on their main purpose: preparing their legal reasoning, representing in court, and collecting on penalties.
Sergey Martanov

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