A Dedicated Team of Legal Professionals and Developers

As a second generation cloud practice management system, Case.one is committed to addressing the evolving needs of legal professionals. Utilizing advanced technology, Case.one is the most powerful, customizable, and flexible system available.

Our founders, Bahar Ansari, a practicing attorney, and technology entrepreneur Alex Pelevin, were inspired by their own frustrations with outdated practice management systems. So, they set out to develop a solution with a primary focus on user experience and interface design. With Bahar’s real-world experience and Alex’s UI and UX design skills, they have created the most customizable and powerful practice management system integrating multiple functionality and platforms into a single easy-to-use solution.

Case.one’s commitment to ‘access to technology’ led to a pricing philosophy that ensures every lawyer and legal professional has affordable access to practice management. This disruptive pricing model aligns with your practice’s business model, scaling as your business grows. With pricing as low as $0.39 per case, Case.one is the most advanced and affordable toolset for your practice.


Meet our Leaders

With our passionate customer success team, we make sure that you receive the ultimate customer service experience from our 24/7 dedicated support staff. Our team is committed to partnering with you to ensure the success of your practice.

Bahar Ansari


The Principal Attorney at Ansari Law Group.
Master of Laws. LL.M. in Tax Law, LL.M. in International and Comparative Law

Alex Pelevin


UI/UX designer, specializes in developing
and designing Legal Tech solutions for over 10 years

Case.one is the one


    Case.one easily adapts to your needs, improving your processes and workflows


    Case.one is committed to training your lawyers and staff so your productivity soars


    Case.one values every client, working together as partners to help you succeed

The Case.one Vision

To empower law firms by providing
solutions, not just features, that:

  • GROW and SCALE with your practice

  • Enhance the SECURITY of your data

  • Deliver a SEAMLESS experience

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  • 400 Spectrum Center Dr #220,
  • Irvine, CA 92618

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Second Generation Web-based Practice Management

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