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Create cases, tasks, and notes
with one touch

Сover all your conditions and needs! Create cases and notes, share documents, arrange meetings, assign tasks — bring everything together within a single workspace, anytime and anywhere.

Create voice notes and attach photos

Now you can forget about taking notes at meetings and leave your notebook at home forever. With the mobile app you can make audio recordings that will be attached to the case file. You can also attach a photo that you made with your mobile phone. App Store App Store

Sync all activities
on your personal calendar

Even if you forgot to look at the dashboard with tasks for today, the calendar will help you prevent missing a meeting, task or other important event. All of your activities will automatically appear in the calendar, which is synchronized with Google calendar or iCal. For even more peace of mind, we have connected e-mail reminders that will not let you forget about any meetings with a client or court dates.

Track your activities

It has never been so easy and convenient to keep track of time spent working. With the mobile app, you can run a logging timer at the main screen with a single touch. You can keep track of billable hours manually or by using artificial intelligence. The system analyzes user behavior and understands his or her habits over time. App Store

Forget about remote desktops

Now you can work and control all of your tasks from anywhere in the world with your mobile phone.
All you need is internet access. App Store
The version for Android devices will be available soon