Keep your clients and staff informed

Use to communicate with your clients and save information about case participants in a single interface.

  • 1

    Convert contacts to clients by adding them to a case.

    Simply add a client to a case with a single click. The Participant tab will automatically list all individuals involved in the case including their contact information.

  • 2

    Keep information on clients and opposition in a single system.

    Select participants from your database and link parties to a new case. Their contact records will include their history with your firm.

  • 3

    Assign a role to each participant.

    Participants include companies and individuals. Choose an appropriate role (i.e. client, insurance company, opposing counsel, expert witness, respondent, trustee, etc.) to keep linked parties organized.


Add participants easily

Link one or more cases to your contacts

One solution. Endless value.
Second generation web-based practice management.

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