Effective subsidiary management
Key information about your subsidiaries and branches is always at hand. Keep registries, keep credentials in check, keep an eye on important events and changes to make quick management decisions.
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digital ARCHIVE

Store constitutional documents for safekeeping

Save charter documents on one central subsidiary card. Access your archive of constitutional documents instantly and eliminate the risk of losing important papers.

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Get organized with a convenient registry

Set up registries to keep automatic records of subsidiaries. Download reports from the registry in the blink of an eye.

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Visualize the connections between companies

Track company affiliations. Check connections based on date, region, status, and other data. View the results in convenient graphs to help you supervise your network.

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live FEED

Stay up-to-date on updates

Stay informed about important events in your subsidiaries: quarterly and annual reports, changes in the beneficial ownership of securities, and much more. Simple and fast integration helps you get the relevant information on all the changes right in our system.

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Stay connected with our video call system

Organize online meetings with your subsidiaries' representatives using our built-in video conferencing system. Share screens, record meetings, and use the chat box to stay in touch and in the loop.

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Manage how your employees represent your company

Automatically oversee the authority of subsidiary employees to carry out important company duties.

Keep track of powers of attorney

Record all letters of attorney in a special registry. Organize a POA database for each subsidiary and monitor each letter's period of validity, agents, and powers granted.

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Create powers of attorney in a couple of clicks

Issue new powers of attorney in minutes with our convenient document builder. Drawing up a document is just as easy as filling out a questionnaire.

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Check authorized agents with a bot

Simplify routine procedures with the help of a chatbot. Upload information on employee powers to the chatbot, and it will provide you with details on request.

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Check regulations with a bot

Just ask our chatbot for information on mandatory regulations and documents like trade secrets to save yourself time searching.

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Automate your work today

Your comprehensive subsidiary management solution.

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